Eagle Comics # 297
EagleComics 297
Issue 297
Released Monday 28th November, 1987
Original Price 28p
Writer(s) Alan Hebden
Illustrator(s) Mike Dorey
Publisher(s) IPC Magazines Ltd
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Eagle Comics # 297 contains their thirteenth comic strip based on the Manta Force toy line.

Manta Force Bullet Point - 3 SummaryEdit

Chapter Title: The Traitor!

When Captain Finn returned with news of Major Vex's destruction, it seemed like Manta Force's troubles where over. In fact, their troubles was only just beginning.

To be continued in the next issue...

Manta Force Bullet Point - 3 Notes of interestEdit

  • Captain Finn uses reading glasses

Manta Force Bullet Point - 3 Comic panelsEdit