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By 2012, humans had colonised many planets throughout the solar-system, including Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. The planet Earth however, had become polluted and over populated. In an attempt to save mankind, President Bataille ordered the creation of the M.A.N.T.A ship. M.A.N.T.A was an acronym for Multiple-Air-Naval-Terrain-Assault Force and was the most advanced Earth ship ever built. It was designed to work in any enviroment and its engine was fuel by a substance called Thorium.

Following the succesful launch of the M.A.N.T.A ship, the World Goverment created the Red Venom to help Manta Force colonise New Earth. On Saturn however, many of the people had grown tired of living in plastic bubbles and believed New Earth should belong to them. During its test runs therefore, the Red Venom was hijacked by a group of highly skilled soilders called the Viper Squad. Under the command of Major Vex, the Viper Squad attempted to use the Red Venom to hijack the M.A.N.T.A ship, so they could be the ones to colonise New Earth.

Later the two opposing sides joined forces to fight off attacks from an alien known as Karnock who was served by an army of robots. Another enemy emerged as well in the form of Stinkhorn who led the 'vile' Stenchoids who appeared to be either another alien grouping or the native dominant lifeform on New Earth.

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