Red Viper
RedViper 001
Ref.No 900221
Release Date 1989
Distributor(s) Bluebird Toys

Red Viper is an aircraft, designed to attack the evil Mad Karnock. This vehicle is under the command of Commander Bill Quest and the Major Leon Vex.

Manta Force Bullet Point - 3 Manufactures descriptionEdit

Super fighter with working firing canon and drop bombs. With Commander Quest, Major Vex and two captured Karnoids.

Manta Force Bullet Point - 3 FeaturesEdit

Below are the features of the Red Viper.

  • A canopy that opens
  • A spring loaded missile cannon
  • 2 swiveling machine guns
  • 2-way mounted drop bombs
  • A cargo hold for captured robots

Manta Force Bullet Point - 3 Contents of original packagingEdit

Below are the contents found in the original packaging.

  • 1 Red Viper
  • 2 Drop Bombs
  • 2 Rockets
  • 1 Major Leon Vex
  • 1 Viper Man

Manta Force Bullet Point - 3 GalleryEdit

Manta Force Bullet Point - 3 Foreign distributionEdit

The Red Viper was distributed throughout Europe, via FASSI and Habourdin International.