The Cyclops
Cyclops 001
Ref.No 87005
Release Date 1988
Distributor(s) Bluebird Toys

The Cyclops is an ground assault vehicle, designed to defend the Manta Force and explore Third Earth. This vehicle is under the command of Commander Bill Quest and his Manta Wolves.

Manta Force Bullet Point - 3 Manufactures descriptionEdit

A double-barreled gun mounted on an articulated transporter with detachable tractor. Both barrels fire single or together while the gun itself can be elevated and rotated.

Manta Force Bullet Point - 3 FeaturesEdit

Below are the features of the The Cyclops.

  • A double-barrel gun and actual firing mechanism
  • 2 articulating laser cannons (non-firing)
  • 2 canopies that open
  • A detachable tractor

Manta Force Bullet Point - 3 Contents of original packagingEdit

Below are the contents found in the original packaging.

  • 1 Cyclops
  • 6 Canon Balls
  • 3 Blast Walls
  • Commander Bill Quest and 6 Manta Wolves

Manta Force Bullet Point - 3 Foreign distributionEdit

The Cyclops was distributed throughout Europe, via FASSI and Habourdin International.

Manta Force Bullet Point - 3 GalleryEdit

Manta Force Bullet Point - 3 Television advertisementsEdit

In the mid to late 1980s, Bluebird Toys broadcasted an advert on television channels throughout Europe, which promoted the Cyclops.

Manta Force - Battle Fortress Reinforcements (French Version)00:22

Manta Force - Battle Fortress Reinforcements (French Version)

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